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Decorated marshmallows

My son and I painted marshmallows with food coloring.We used them for a tower building game at his birthday party. I got my inspiration here. We both love the Wii game The world of goo, so we painted the marshmallows with large googly-eyed faces.

How to paint Marshmallows
You need:
food coloring
small paintbrush
some water
small plastic containers to put the 'paint' in

Get busy:
I read about decorating marshmallows before but was reluctant to buy edible markers. They are quite expensive. Then I thought: why not use my regular food coloring to paint on them. It worked like a charm. All you have to do is take a small amount of your food coloring and ad a few drops of water. Then you can use the mixture in the same way you would with normal paint. No extra costs if you already own different shades of gel food coloring. If you don't have that, you can buy some inexpensive food coloring in the supermarket.  This kind is already liquid, you don't have to ad any water.
Mix colors together to obtain different shades.

Apply the colors seperately. Let dry briefly before adding the next shade.When dry, you can store them in a closed container. Make lots and lots to build a tower.

How to build a Marshmallow tower
You need:
lots of marshmallows
lots of skewers/toothpicks (if you use small MM's)

Get busy:
Stick the skewers in the marshmallows and build a nice construction. Eat them as you clean up!

Tip: Work with triangles or base, they are much more sturdier as squares.
This activity provides double the fun: painting and building. The boys loved it, especially the part when they got to stick the skewers in the faces of the marshmallows ;). Yeaah, kill them all!


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