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Bakmarathon 3: lemon cake with strawberries and white chocolate cream

I had skipped the cake for my husband in the baking marathon reportage because I didn't have the recipes at hand, but here it is. I thought up this combination myself, but the recipes are from my cookbooks.

  1. 'Modern' marble cake as a treat to school for my son his ninth birthday. V
  2. biscuit cake for the family birthday party of my son. V
  3. lemon cake with strawberries and white chocolate cream for my husband at the same family party (their birthday is on the same day!) V
  4. biscuits for biscuits chain of de leukste taarten .V
  5. biscuits as a gift for the children at the friends party of my son.
  6. decorated marshmallows on the friends party for a party game.
  7. biscuit cake for dessert buffet at the school
Lemon pie with strawberries and white chocolate cream

This cake is composed of a layer of lemon sponge cake, then a mountain of strawberries. On top of that a generous layer of white chocolate cream and finished off with white chocolate curls.

Lemon Sponge
I made this in advance and froze the sponge. I took it out the night before and let it thaw in the refrigerator.

You need:
175g butter (soft) - warm up in the microwave
175g sugar
250g flour with baking powder
3 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
a few drops vanilla extract or 1 packet of vanilla sugar
The zest of one lemon and about half of the juice (taste how much you need)

Get busy
Mix all ingredients. Put the dough in a large round baking pan. The dough makes just a thin layer in the pan. Cook for about a half hour at 180 ° C or until the sponge is solid inside. If you want it lighter, you can whip the egg whites first. Then you mix the remaining ingredients and fold in the egg withes gently.

You get a thin sponge. Plunge down on a cake carton or immediately on to the cake stand. Allow to cool. Finish immediately or put it in the fridge / freezer until the day of the party.

Chocolate Cream
 Please note, you have to prepare this recipe the night before!

You need:
150g chocolate (I used white but it comes with milk or dark chocolate)
550g cream

Get busy:
Heat the cream in a saucepan, stirring to boiling, remove from heat. Add the chocolate pieces to the hot cream. Make the mixture smooth with a hand blender. Let cool and put in the fridge overnight.

The next day you beat the mixture until it is stiff just like you would with ordinary cream. It remains stiff quite long so you can prepare the cake in the morning for an evening party but preferably not longer in advance.

Chocolate Curls
You need: 200g chocolate (I used white but it also works with milk or dark chocolate)

Get busy:
You can do thislonger in advance if you keep the curls in a sealed box in the refrigerator.

Heat about half of the chocolate in the microwave at about 600 watts (not at full strength). Start with 1 minute, take out, stir well and cook for a little more if it has not melted enough. When all the chocolate is melted without any chunks, gradually add the remaining chocolate and continue stirring until these have melted (according to my cookbook it is called "to temper" and your chocolate gets a nice shine from it).

Spread the chocolate very thinly on a flat surface. I used my glass cutting board but if you have a stone surface, you can put it directly on that (according to my cookbook).
Let cool until the chocolate has solidified. I put it ten minutes in the freezer but probably it should be put for a longer time in the refrigerator or at room temperature.
Scrape the chocolate now with something like as a palette knife or a cake server in my case. The scraped chocolate curls into nice big flakes.

This is best done on the day.

Take the lemon sponge and apply a layer of chocolate cream.
Wash strawberries, remove the green stem and cut them in two or four. Put them in a mount on the chocolate cream. Keep a few aside for decoration. Cover the strawberries with the remaining chocolate cream.
Take the chocolate curls and cover all of the chocolate cream. I did this with two spoons. They melt fast in your hands.
Finish with a few strawberries for decoration.

Everybody loved this cake because of the freshness of the lemon and strawberry. After a heavy meal, this cake is a better choice as for example the cookiecake or chocoholictaart .

For a more traditional look, you can bake two lemon sponges and spread the strawberry's with some chocolate cream between the two layers. Cover the sides and top with the remaining chocolate cream and garnish with the chocolate curls and some strawberries.


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